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Pusha T + Rich The Kid Concert

Marketing Strategy + Creative Direction + Design  |  May 2018

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Responsible for all marketing efforts and graphic design for ASUW Arts & Entertainment major concert, Spring Show, featuring Pusha T, Rich the Kid, DJ Marvelous, & i///u. Marketed event to 45,000 person student body.

*All illustrations by Aidan Galassetti*

In this role, I've been able to experience an intersection between several of my passions:

June 2017 - PRESENT

Official poster design for Fall Fling 2017

Campaign Strategy

We used a 2 round marketing method.


Round 1

We created personalized messages based on the geographic information of our target market. Our goal was to connect to the audience by utilizing humor in messages they could relate to. 

With this strategy, we were able to engage the target market early and create buzz within each community about our event. 

Round 2

We announced our artists and released details about our event. With the buzz created in round 1, we were able to create hype and anticipation around our artist release.

Poster from round 1 personalized for Alder Hall, a residence hall

with a grocery store attached called the District Market.

Poster from round 1 personalized for Odegaard Library. This version was

created for various libraries, math, and engineering departments.

Poster from round 1 personalized for Hansee Hall, a residence hall

with strict, 24 hour quiet hours.


Poster from round 1 personalized for the IFC Fraternities on campus.


Rich the Kid by Aidan Galessetti

Pusha T by Alvin Benevides

Poster from round 1 personalized for the Panhellenic Sororities on campus.


Rich the Kid video announcement

Pusha T video announcement

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