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Lily Pad

Interface Design   |  10 week process, Winter 2018

Team members: Alex Britton, Piper Wysaske, Caitlin Murphy, Uyen Cao

Tools: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Principle, Aftereffects



We were asked to to create an application that allowed and encouraged parents/guardians/caretakers to screen the developmental progress of their children. 

We created Lily Pad, an application that encourages developmental screening by making the process fun through flip cards, digital scrapbooking, and characterization.

The Application
progress 2.png

+ Users are prompted to either complete a deck or continue a different one in the homepage/activities tab of the application.

+ Once a deck is selected, users sort and respond to activity cards.

Completing An Activity

+ In the process tab, parents can check their child's developmental progress in each category.

+ Once a category is selected, further detail on the evaluation is provided, and a call-to-action for more activities is available if applicable.

Checking Progress

activities card.png
Progress page.png
baby book 2.png

Posting In Baby Book

+ A digital timeline/scrapbook of milestones, photos, and notable events. 

+ The goal of providing a scrapbook is for parents to celebrate and look back on milestones that their child has achieved. By seeing this highlighted moments, parents are more encouraged to continue developmental screening.


For preliminary research we conducted interviews, user testing, and card sorting.​ Our primary finding was that parents often avoid developmental screening as a form of denial. To resolve this problem, we aimed to create a fun and engaging app--one that would feel more like a game than a clinical examination.

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