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Hulu Holiday Sweaters

Hulu may not have invented the ugly sweater, but we're owning it. We're making sweaters you're excited to wear about the shows you're excited to watch.

This was a multifaceted project involving garment design, UX/UI design, and photography.


Art director, Lead Designer

Sweater Design

Rectangle 3.jpg
Rectangle 15.jpg
Group 32.jpg

Website Design

Rectangle 18.jpg
Rectangle 19.jpg


Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 3.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 5.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 6.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 4.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 8.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 7.jpg
Sweaters-rotating-roundcorners 9.jpg
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