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Made by Her:

Hulu partnered with artist Saya Woolfalk to create monuments honoring the lives and spirits of three visionaries who made history: Coretta Scott King, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This project continued to evolve into a VR site making the monuments as accessible as possible, an animation series, and more.

As the art director and lead designer, I collaborated with our creative director, designers, agency partners, copywriters and more to guide the creative execution of our web experience, animation series, social & on-channel design, and event design. 

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Art Director, Lead Designer


Clio award for our microsite

Webby award for video - Diversity and inclusion.


Active Theory, Noun, BWA Studios

VR Website

Live site:

We created our site in an effort to make the monuments we were building as accessible to the world as possible. For that reason, we wanted the experience to be immersive: the environment correlates to real time weather/environment (ie if it's raining and dark in Atlanta it is in our site as well!), and sound design was particularly chosen to replicate the environment and wildlife in the corresponding cities.

I executed the UX/UI design, and collaborated with our partners, Active Theory, in guiding development of the site. 

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Unveiling Event

Live site:

Our first monument to launch was Coretta Scott King's at The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

I had the opportunity to concept and execute all event creative. 

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Dr. Bernice A. King 

Animation Series

Our animation series can be viewed on Hulu, Youtube, and our social channels. 

As the art director, I provided creative concepts, feedback, and guidance to our animation partners, BWA Animations.

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